Over 600 Million Feet, 1 Billion Pathway Feet Deployed

Whether servicing telecommunications companies or small municipalities, MaxCell® offers an innovative solution to the global marketplace. With products designed to provide present and future value in network design, we continue to expand the market segments in which we participate. And it’s not just product. Our customers understand that when using MaxCell, they get access to some of the best support in the industry. Our sales and technical staff not only make recommendations that are the most economical and beneficial for long-term design, but they also provide on-site training and field installation support.


Broadband service providers have used MaxCell for over ten years in virtually every known conduit application in their market, including large cable, urban, backbone cabling; through choke points of river bores, bridge and railroad crossings; to suburban fiber to the home applications. As the broadband service environment migrates from copper to fiber, MaxCell is strategically important for minimizing additional plant costs by reducing or eliminating the need for additional or new conduits in underground applications.

Telecom Industry

Telecom is Using MaxCell

With industry leaders such as AT&T, NTT and Verizon among the global telecom giants using MaxCell, it’s no wonder that it is one of the fastest-growing products in the network deployment industry. MaxCell applications include FTTH, Central Office backbone and Curb-to-Building deployments. And by “piggybacking” MaxCell in copper deployments, carriers can place the technology they need now while reducing the construction costs required for future fiber optic deployment.

Cellular Backhaul

Cellular Backhaul is Using MaxCell

The wireless service providers continue to expand their program offerings, and every month new devices capable of receiving and sending more information and at much faster rates are rolled out to the consumer marketplace. However, wireless service providers struggle to provide bandwidth for the ever-growing offering and consumption. To answer these requirements, many wireless service providers are engaged with broadband operators to connect thousands of cellular tower antennas to land-based communication lines. Many of these cellular towers are connected to local power through conduit structures, and service providers are using MaxCell to override and place new connecting service lines in these same conduits.

Education, Healthcare, Airport & Corporate Campuses

Communication among multiple buildings requires substantially expanded Local Area Network infrastructure. The increase of cable deployments requires system owners to make hard choices on the cost of installing new dense conduit structures, and they often seek solutions that will make use of existing structures. Whether MaxCell is deployed to condense multiple conduit backbone pathways or override existing plants, its ability to decrease or eliminate the need to dig new conduit structures saves network owners vast amounts of physical project funding, provides pathways for future needs and allows for projects to be completed in a much faster time frame.

Government & Military

Government & Military are Using MaxCell

Since 2000, MaxCell has been used in more than 200 military and government installations around the world. From the largest US bases in the United States, Europe and the Pacific to current deployments in the Middle East and remote outposts representing some of the harshest telecom environments in the world, MaxCell has been the preferred innerduct solution. With the knowledge that MaxCell is far less expensive to transport and install, and that it represents significant overall cost savings wherever the project may be, engineers and contracting officers continue to specify MaxCell for use in government telecom projects.

Data Centers

Data center construction is exploding in the communications network marketplace. Modern data centers are growing in size and complexity and often involve leased space to multiple companies in the same building. Vast amounts of different types of cable are required to operate data centers. MaxCell is currently being used to condense pathway structures from multiple redundant building entrance applications, and internal building cable management of power, HVAC, trunk and branch communication cables.