Long Pulls

  • Short pulls are not as cost effective as making single longer cable pulls
MaxCell® Solution
  • Pull MaxCell through multiple manholes
General Benefits
  • Reduced overall set-up time as multiple setups are replaced by one
  • Eliminate some cable splices, saving thousands of dollars in labor
  • Faster cable placement

Cellular Backhaul

  • Fiber or Ethernet based overrides in occupied ducts
  • Short underground connection to aerial plant
  • Longer connections to underground plant
MaxCell Solution
  • Creates pathway(s) for insertion of new cables in already densely occupied smaller conduits
General Benefits
  • Utilize existing duct structures
  • Avoid new trenching and conduit placement costs
  • Multiple product versions for smaller OD conduits
  • Future proof larger ducts for subsequent installations


  • Existing outer ducts occupied with cables and/or HDPE rigid innerducts
  • Desire not to utilize last empty duct(s) (high congestion)
  • Microducts difficult to blow in occupied ducts with high fill ratio
  • Rigid innerducts may damage existing cables
MaxCell Solution
  • Pull MaxCell over existing cables or innerducts (overlay) allowing additional cable(s) to be pulled in dedicated pathway
General Benefits
  • Avoid new construction of additional outer duct/innerducts
  • Save remaining empty ducts in congested areas for future additions
  • Decrease time required to start up network


  • Limited conduit space
  • Limited space to maneuver equipment
  • Exposure to elements causes expansion and contraction of HDPE conduit and microducts
MaxCell Solution
General Benefits
  • MaxCell optimizes space within existing conduit structure
  • Lower coefficient of expansion eliminates expansion or contraction with temperature changes
  • Provides future pathways
  • Signficant savings per foot over HDPE Innerduct

Space Recovery / Renewal

  • Upgrade from copper to fiber can cause network downtime
  • Congested duct typically means copper must be removed prior to placing fiber
  • Single duct in outer duct is wasting space
MaxCell Solution
  • Overbuild with MaxCell and place fiber prior to removing copper
  • Pull out copper or duct and pull in MaxCell
  • MaxSpace®
General Benefits
  • Overbuilding allows service to remain intact until network switchover
  • Faster installation with MaxCell

Curb To Building

  • Existing PVC or HDPE—short runs <500ft
  • Poor design with numerous sweeps and bends that make placing conduit or microduct difficult
  • Typically congested ducts
MaxCell Solution
  • Place MaxCell in empty duct
  • Overlay MaxCell in existing congested duct
General Benefits
  • Avoid construction
  • Quick deployment
  • No special equipment needed—typical hand pulls
  • Crew of two can do installation


  • Congested riser space in buildings or MDUs makes drop cable placement difficult
  • Limited space for new EMT necessitating conduit fill
MaxCell Solution
  • Add MaxCell in new construction for pathways
  • Overlay existing cables in riser with MaxCell
General Benefits
  • Limited disruption in the building
  • Easier installation by hand

Right-Of-Way Obstacles

  • Railroad crossings require significant permitting cost and time
  • Construction can inhibit traffic and create safety hazards for crew
MaxCell Solution
  • Overlay MaxCell and cable in existing conduit
  • "Piggyback" MaxCell and cable to save space
General Benefits
  • Saves permitting time and cost
  • Minimizes traffic disruption


  • Existing outer ducts occupied with cables and/or PE rigid inner ducts
  • Microducts are difficult to place into occupied ducts
  • Rigid innerduct may damage existing cables
MaxCell Solution
  • Maximize the number of pathways in new conduit structures
  • Override cabling/duct in existing conduit structure
  • Pull over existing cables or innerduct (Overbuild) allowing additional cable(s) to be pulled into dedicated pathway(s)
General Benefits
  • Maintains Low Cable Pulling Tensions
  • Fabric Innerduct Protects the Cable and Conduit
  • Avoid new construction of additional outer duct/inner ducts (~$3-200/ft)
  • Save remaining empty ducts in congested areas for future network additions/changes
  • Decrease time required to startup network