MaxCell® Edge is offered in a variety of configurations and reel sizes. The part numbers used for ordering are constructed using as many as 14 characters.

How do MaxCell part numbers work?

MX E 86 38 3 BK 2000

MX Standard prefix to identify the product as a MaxCell item

E Product Line Code: E-Edge, ED-Edge Detectable

86 Product Width (Millimeters)

38 Maximum Outside Diameter of Cable (Millimeters)

3 Number of Cells

BK Thread Identification Color (Varies Per Product)*: BK-Black (Standard); BL-Blue; GR-Green; RD-Red; YL-Yellow

2000 Standard Length (Feet)**: 250 ft; 500 ft; 1,000 ft; 2,650 ft; 5,300 ft; 10,000 ft.

* The identification thread is a heavy stitch that runs the length of MaxCell securing the folds which form the separate cells/pathways of the innerduct.

** Contact MaxCell Customer Service for details on reel sizes (may vary), custom lengths (available from 500 to 10,000 ft in 5ft increments) and MaxCell ISP (Plenum and Riser).