We've never actually got that question but have received some far out “how will MaxCell perform in X” questions.  Truth is it’s impossible to test a product under every conceivable condition. 

The main components of MaxCell, Polyester and Nylon, are used in a variety of geotextile applications because of their resistance properties.  The combination provides excellent tenacity, abrasion and temperature resistance when exposed to most “typical” reagents found in underground applications.  These include petroleum, jet fuel, diesel, natural gas etc. 

In addition, some non-typical soil regents have been tested with positive results including detergents, hydrogen peroxide, transmission fluid, and so on.  Our point is giving a longevity rate when exposed to any reagent or component is hard to predict because there are too many variables e.g. exposure rate, temperature, etc. but the product is engineered for toughness in most environments. 

UV is one of the only true killers of tensile and other properties that make up MaxCell but there are uncommon harsher substances out there that will break it down in high concentrations.  It should be noted though that HDPE is much less resistant to these.

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