Plan for the network of tomorrow when building today!

MaxCell, the flexible fabric innerduct, allows increased cable density in a conduit while preserving space for future bandwidth expansion. MaxCell’s unique fabric construction conforms to the cables placed within, greatly reducing wasted space compared with rigid innerduct.

The transportation industry has demanding requirements for protection of the critical components of its network infrastructure for signalization, cameras and other communications and fiber optics pathways. MaxCell understands these special challenges and is designed specifically for outside plant applications and difficult terrains, including long lines; under bridges; road, river and rail borings under streets; and, curb to building entrances. MaxCell is available in sizes to fit all conduits and is installed easily and cost-effectively. Because the flexible fabric innerduct allows increased density in a conduit, there is space preserved for future bandwidth expansion which means you only dig once.

MaxCell helps you expand capacity today, preserve space for future bandwidth requirements and reduce total project costs.


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