Today’s blog post isn’t all that “meaty” but it will answer a question that has popped up recently.  No, our 4” 3-Cell isn’t exactly 4” - it’s much closer to a 3.5” width.  Why you ask?  Well, products are designed not only for the duct OD but also for a specific cable maximum.  4” products are designed for a maximum cable of 1.5” or 38mm.  Each “cell” or pocket in MaxCell is calculated at a 70% fill ratio (i.e. the actual cell diameter is over 2”).  The next question someone will ask is whether you can fit a larger cable into the cell?  In short, yes, it can be accomplished but there’s a reason that the specific MaxCell is rated for a given cable capacity.  Specifically, thousands of installations have proven successful at that given ratio.  So, if you still ask why we call our product 4” even though it’s narrower then I challenge you to take a visit to your local hardware store and view some 2 x 4 studs.  If you measure them you will find the dimensions are actually closer to 1.5” x 3.5”.  Anyone with a house as old as mine (125yrs) will notice that the studs are exactly 2” x 4” but sometime during the 20th century lumber yards started planning everything down from rough-hewn so you wouldn’t get a splinter.  So, for all you do it yourself people out there that want to start framing make sure you measure 16” on center and not stud to stud or you will find yourself off the mark quickly but I digress.


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