The heavy thread “stripe” running along the length of the MaxCell® “pack” is specified by the part numbers below. Each individual pull tape in each cell has its own unique thread “stripe” for easy identification. Pull tapes are either white, white with blue stripe, or white with orange stripe. MaxCell is offered in a variety of configurations and reel sizes. The part numbers used for ordering MaxCell are constructed using as many as 14 characters.

How do MaxCell part numbers work?

MX E 86 38 3 BK 2000

MX Standard prefix to identify the product as a MaxCell item

E Product Line Code: E-Edge

86 Product Width (Millimeters)

38 Maximum Outside Diameter of Cable (Millimeters)

3 Number of Cells

BK Thread Identification Color (Varies Per Product): BK-Black (Standard); BL-Blue; GR-Green; RD-Red; YL-Yellow

2000 Standard Length (Meters): Custom lengths of MaxCell upon request. Reel sizes may vary.

** Contact Customer Service** Contact Service à la clientèle concernant les longueurs personnalisées de MaxCell (disponible en 5' incréments). tailles de bobine peuvent varier. Contactez le service clientèle pour les numéros de pièce plénum et la colonne montante. Contact Customer Service for plenum and riser part numbers.