A Breakthrough, in Conduit Space Maximization

Over 400 Million Feet, 1 Billion Pathway Feet Deployed

The MaxSpace Solution

Since the first fiber optic cables were installed, adding capacity to your network required installing new conduit and innerduct infrastructure. This was time consuming and an expensive process, requiring permitting costs, EPA approval, and disruptions to traffic. MaxSpace is the solution to maximize your innerduct infrastructure!

MaxSpace is a no-dig conduit space recovery solution designed to safely remove rigid innerduct from around active fiber cables with little to no load on the cable and no interruption of service.

How Does MaxSpace Work?

The MaxSpace Conduit Space Recovery Unit uses a split metal sleeve to protect the active cable while the innerduct is extracted. Rigid innerduct is then drawn into the machine using opposing drive wheels that force the innerduct through four cutting blades, slicing the innerduct into quarters. The sliced innerduct is then fed into a chipping machine and compressed into disposal bags.

  • Recover conduit space by removing rigid innerduct from an active network cable without service interruption
  • Active cables are protected throughout the process by a split metal collar
  • Incumbent cables settle to the bottom of the conduit as rigid innerduct is removed
  • MaxCell® packs can be installed simultaneously as the rigid innerduct is extracted
  • Extracted innerduct is chipped for easy recycling and disposal
  • Install new cables when needed

Who's Using MaxSpace?

  • Broadband Service Providers
  • Global Telecom Industry Leaders
  • Wireless Service Providers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Healthcare Campuses
  • Airports
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Government & Military
  • Data Centers

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