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New build or at capacity, MaxCell gives your network more space.

MaxCell’s conduit maximization solutions allow operators to maximize their OSP and ISP network capacity while reducing total system cost. You can increase available conduit space and reduce pulling tension when installing cables. The MaxSpace service reclaims existing conduit space by safely removing innerduct over active cables.

Max Out your network capacity, efficiency and budget with MaxCell.

300 Percent More

300% More

Traditional construction in a 4” conduit allows 3 cables to be placed. MaxCell triples the capacity, allowing up to 9 cables to be placed in the 4” conduit

2X As Fast

2X As Fast

Actual Field Experience Report: Installers and Network Engineers can cut conduit installation time in half and increase cable installation speed.

Cuts Total Project Costs

Cuts Total Project Costs

Independent surveys and field experience prove that MaxCell reduces material and labor costs by 50% and more.


The MaxSpace Service Increases Capacity in Existing Conduits

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MaxSpace is a patented No-Dig technology and construction method that safely removes existing innerduct from around active fiber optic cables with virtually no load on the cables and no interruption of service. As the innerducts are removed, cables migrate to the bottom of the outer conduit.


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